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Reclaimed Wood

July 16, 2018

Wood as a material in general is known to make a home feel inviting and cozy. But there’s a special kind of wood that can showcase that effect and also add more character to a room & this is Reclaimed Wood accents. Usually used for flooring, it has a variety of other uses, some of which may come as a surprise and also as a revelation. Look at this island we designed and built using reclaimed wood cleaned, treated and carefully assembled to create a beautiful and unique kitchen island design.

Looking for a way to add personality to your old staircase? Reclaimed wood can help you with that. Use it to cover the staircase walls as opposed to the stairs and the effect will be much more impressive. Think big and cover an entire wall with reclaimed wood panels and add in a support post to balance the room.

Another Kitchen example, showing a beautiful Reclaimed Wood Island with metal reinforcement accents makes for a unique by design rustic focal point in a soft white kitchen. Just Beautiful!


~Emily Baker